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How to Make an Origami Jumping Frog - page 3

12) Next fold along the diagonal crease so it looks like this.

13) Do the same thing on the left side. Your paper should now look like the diagram below.

14) Now fold it outwards along the gray line so that your right side looks like this.

15) Do the same thing on the left side. Your Frog is now very close to being completed!

16) The next folds that you are going to do are the ones that make your frog able to jump. Fold your frog in half along the red dotted line like the diagram below.

so it ends up like this:

17) Turn your frog over so that the other side is facing you and it looks like this.

18) Now fold what are going to be the frog's back legs, down along dotted red line.

19) You have now completed your frog and it should look like the picture below.

20) To make your frog jump, lay it on a flat surface like a table, and push down near the end of it, where the red X is in the diagram below. You must make sure that the legs of your frog are folded underneath before you push otherwise it will just sit there.

Now you are ready to play with your very own origami jumping frog. You can even get your friends to make one and have a race together, or see who can get theirs to jump the highest, use your imagination.

Have Fun....

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