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How to Make an Origami Jumping Frog - page 2

5) Take the paper at point "A" (which is only the top layer of the paper, don't fold the bottom corner yet), and fold along the dotted line so that point "A" meets point "B." It will look like the diagram below.

6) Do the same thing on the other corner (remember to fold the top layer only). Now you should have something that resembles the next diagram.

7) Fold along the gray line in the above diagram, so that your paper looks like the diagram below.

8) Do exactly the same for the other side. So that you paper now matches the next diagram.

9) Now fold the top corner. marked E,  outwards

so it looks like this:

10) Do the same on the left side so your paper looks like this.

11) Turn your piece of paper over so the other side now faces you like the diagram below.

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