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Monday March 6th 2006

It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that "Kermit" our last surviving Red Eyed Tree Frog passed away this evening. We had noticed a dramatic decrease in his agility over the past month very much like Robin who passed away towards the end of 2004. Kermit was getting very old. We have enjoyed the happiness he has brought us and for that we are very grateful to him. Now he is with his friend Robin again.

January 14th 2000 - March 6th 2006


Saturday May 7th 2005

POLL RESULTS: Latest poll was "Do you think Frog Dissection is necessary in the classroom?" The winning vote was no with 67.93%, 805 votes.

Do you think Frog Dissection is necessary in the classroom?



32.07 %



67.93 %


1185 100.00 %


Saturday March 26th 2005

UPDATE: We have gathered many different Environmental related RSS news feeds from around the globe and put them together for you to read online or if you have a RSS reader you can link directly to the feed yourself. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. These RSS news feeds are real time and are updated many times per hour. You will find a few up to the minute news articles on our home page and a the rest of the feeds in our NEW News Room.

News Room!


Thursday January 27th 2005

UPDATE: We have decided to remove the guest book feature from Froggyville. We really did enjoy the comments that people posted here but it was far to much work to maintain and several people abused it by posting profanities and other such junk. You can still go to that page and check out the entries from the past 4 previous years.


Saturday November 20th 2004

UPDATE: Check out the poem below it was kindly sent to us by Eddie O'Hara from Muswellbrook, New South Wales in Australia. It is very clever, enjoy.

A Pot Of Irish Frogs
by Eddie O'Hara

There was a man who came from France
Who thought hed like to take a chance
On eating legs of Irish frogs
That croaked out on the Irish bogs

The Frenchman squished the Irish bogs
Until he found a pool of frogs
He filled his bucket to serve his want
Then, squished his way to a restaurant

A chef there said he knew how to cook
Just like they do in a French cookbook
He put the frogs into a pot
But wasnt ready yet to get them hot

Now, he couldnt resist to snatch from a shelf
A bottle of his best, as he said to himself
"Oy know whatd be royt to flavour dem up
Ill add da auld oyrish whasky, but no more dan a cup"

A minute - and with not a frog left sober
From the pot came a chorus of The Irish Rover!
The chef gasped, "Well, I naver tought Id aver hear a pot sing!
Da wee folk must have done dis ting!"

He thought hed take the pot to church for a hymn
Till the frogs leapt onto the pots wide brim
They were Irish to the brogue, and their chorus flowed
Through a delightful (slurred) version of The Old Bog Road!

The Frenchman in the kitchen, poking around
Caused a commotion on hearing the sound
He sought to lay blame - hed assessed it a blunder
And cried to the chef, as loud as thunder

"Monsieur, you have ruined my legs!
With your rocket fuel, thats no more than dregs!"
The chef in a daze, remained unfazed
In reproaching the Frenchman who was going half crazed

"Our whaskey is known as a good drop da world over
From Boston to Shanghai and even Van-coh-ver
But I wont argue wid ya, because yer a guest
And Im sure neider will da wee people, who did dis in jest!"

The Frenchman refused to listen at all
Until the chef informed him, hed cooked for De Gaulle
That must have impressed like a medal of honour
The chef was embraced like there was no tomorrour!

Suddenly, the blunder was a trivial matter
The Frenchman now preferred legs off a platter
He apologized to the chef for making a scene
They drank whiskey together, and the frogs hopped away clean!

Eddie O'Hara(c)2004


Thursday November 11th 2004

It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that "Robin" one of our Red Eyed Tree Frogs passed away early this morning. We had noticed a dramatic decrease in his agility over the past few months and had feared the worse, basically he was getting very old. We have enjoyed the happiness he has brought us and for that we are eternally grateful to him wherever he may now be.

robinlooking.jpg (31278 bytes)
January 6th 2000 - November 11th 2004


Sunday October 31st 2004

UPDATE: Check out our New FroggyChat chat room. It is currently in beta stages but hopefully soon it will replace the current one. Let us know what you think.

Click here to try it out.



Thursday September 2nd 2004

UPDATE: Froggyville is back online after two days because we were moving  the web site to a new server. The move is now complete. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please email us if you notice anything strange happening online that did not happen before as a lot of work had to be done behind the scenes to migrate everything over.
Thank you.


Saturday June 12th 2004

UPDATE: Because of people posting obscene messages in the message board we have made it so that you must now become a member and create an account before you can post any messages. The person(s) responsible for this has been traced and their ISP's notified. The Chat room and Message Board are monitored 24 hours a day. Like the Chat Room the Message Board is totally FREE just be sure to enter a valid email address when creating your account so that we can validate and activate your membership. The most common reason why a new member does not get activated is because of a bad or misspelled email address.


POLL RESULTS: The winner of this poll, What would you like to see more of at Froggyville? was Frog Games with 629 votes, 62.84%.

What would you like to see more of at Froggyville?
Frog Games 629 62.84 %
Frog Photos 233 23.28 %
Frog Jokes 78 7.79 %
Frog Links 61 6.09 %
TOTAL 1001 100.00 %


Wednesday March 31st 2004

UPDATE: We have spent a little time cleaning up Froggyville. Unfortunately Froggyville Radio which was available in the FroggyTalk area is currently unavailable due to some issues with mp3.com, maybe when they get straightened out it will go back online until then we will look for an alternative source. We have cleaned up the dead links in the links area. If we have deleted your link by mistake please let us know. Our popular cartoon strip Pond Life had disappeared it had not been updated in a long time, we tried to contact the author without any replies so we decided to remove it from Froggyville.

At the moment there are no plans to put the Froggycam and FroggyTV back online we have just not had the time to do much of anything around here which is a shame because we really do enjoy it.


Sunday February 8th 2004

POLL RESULTS: Yet another delay in updating the poll, We hardly get any time to spend with Froggyville. The winner was Red Eyed Tree Frog with 322 votes, 32.53%

What type of frog do you own or would you like to own?
Red Eyed Tree Frog. 322 32.53 %
Whites Tree Frog. 93 9.39 %
African Clawed Frog. 41 4.14 %
African Dwarf Frog. 140 14.14 %
Poison Arrow/Dart Frog. 96 9.70 %
Pacman Frog. 62 6.26 %
Leopard Frog. 109 11.01 %
Other. 127 12.83 %
TOTAL 990 100.00 %


Saturday September 6th 2003

FROGGY NEWS: We are so busy lately that we rarely get time to to update Froggyville. We have not even had the time to put the FroggyCam's back online. Robin & Kermit are still doing well they are rougly 3 1/2 years old now. Please keep on visiting us as soon as we get a chance we will do some updating.
POLL RESULTS: Another delay in updating the poll, sorry. Your favorite part of the FroggyTalk area was Fun Stuff / FroggyTV & Radio with 160 votes, 38%.

Which is your favorite part of the Froggytalk area?
Live Chat. 169 40.14 %
Message boards. 9 2.14 %
Pet Help / Guides. 26 6.18 %
Frog Learning Center. 57 13.54 %
Fun Stuff / FroggyTV & Radio. 160 38.00 %
TOTAL 421 100.00 %


Saturday March 5th 2003

UPDATE: We have renamed two areas at Froggyville. The "Monthly Poll" is now just called the "Froggyville Poll" and the "Pic of the week" is called "Pic of the moment". We decided to change the names because we have been unable to update these areas in the time frame related to their name.


Wednesday March 12th 2003

UPDATE: Recently we took the Live Froggycam and FroggyTV camera's of the air. We have had a lot of questions as to why and when they will go back online. Unfortunately we are not sure if they will. The Computer that was used to host the camera's and software broke. We have not had the time to fix it and get the cam's back online.
POLL RESULTS: A little bit of a delay in adding a new poll, Sorry.
But what does Froggy want for Christmas? The winning vote was to visit with his Froggy family with 141 votes.

What does Froggy want for Christmas?
A box of Crickets. 91 19.00 %
A new Lily Pad. 138 28.81 %
To visit with his Froggy family. 141 29.44 %
Fruit Fly Cake! 109 22.76 %
TOTAL 479 100.00 %


Thursday December 5th 2002

POLL RESULTS: What is Froggies favorite thing to do during summer? The winner was "Go Swimming" with 217 Votes. Sorry for the delay on updating the monthly poll.

What is Froggies favorite thing to do during summer?
Go to Frog Camp. 84 17.95 %
Go swimming. 217 46.37 %
Lay on the beach. 54 11.54 %
Have a Barbeque. 38 8.12 %
Go on vacation. 75 16.03 %
TOTAL 468 100.00 %


Wednesday June 6th 2002

POLL RESULTS: What is Froggies favorite car? The winner was "Froggari 308" with 177 votes.

What is Froggies favorite car?
Froggari 308 177 28.97 %
Porsche Toadster 168 27.50 %
Ford Thunderfrog 111 18.17 %
Lotus Esprit Toado 28 4.58 %
Lamborghini Frogablo 127 20.79 %
TOTAL 611 100.00 %


Sunday April 28th 2002

UPDATE: Added some more pictures to the "Your Frog Collection" area.
UPDATE: Added more Frogs to the Pet Frog Gallery.
Froggyville received the Golden Web Award.

Froggyville, April 14th 2002


Saturday April 6th 2002

FROGGY NEWS: We received three new Awards. Click on the Awards below to visit these great web sites.

Froggyville has proven to be: original, fun, hard-work, passionate and creative.
Froggyville, March 17th 2002


Froggyville, March 17th 2002

Froggyville, March 18th 2002


Friday March 1st 2002

UPDATE: Added some more pictures to the "Your Frog Collection" area. Cathy's frog collection and a cool photo from Judy in Australia.
UPDATE: Added more cool links to the links area, check em out.
We have kindly received Beth's Great Frog Web Page award.

Beth's Great Frog Page Award!

NEWS: Earth Day 2002 is just around the corner. Visit www.earthday.net and see what projects people are involved in for this special day.
POLL RESULTS: Which is your favorite Froggyville Joke? The winner was "The Cute Princess" with 24 votes.

Which is your favorite Froggyville Joke?
How Deep. 5 6.49 %
The Frog King. 15 19.48 %
Doctors Office. 12 15.58 %
The Cute Princess. 24 31.17 %
The Talking Frog. 21 27.27 %
TOTAL 77 100.00 %


Tuesday February 5th 2002

UPDATE: The FroggyCam and FroggyTV is back online after our system reconfiguration. Sorry for the delay.
NEWS: Check out our Froggy FAQs area we were told that a in fact there is a Frog that lives around salt water. Thanks to Dr. Tamara M. Frank of the Department of Visual Ecology at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution for pointing this out to us.


Tuesday January 15th 2002

UPDATE: Added a new link to the links area.
NEWS: The end of Froggy quiz #8.Congratulations to Woody the winner. This being our last Froggy Quiz for a while, check back later to see when the new Quiz will start.
POLL RESULTS: Who is your favorite famous frog? The winner was Kermit with 301 votes.

Who is your favorite famous frog?
Kermit (The Muppets) 301 61.30 %
Keroppi (Sanrio) 61 12.42 %
Jeremy Fisher (From the Tales of) 15 3.05 %
Michigan J. Frog (Warner Bro) 88 17.92 %
Robin (Kermits nephew) 26 5.30 %
TOTAL 491 100.00 %

FROGGY NEWS: We have received the Kermit Inspiration Award from the Kermit Inspiration website, thanks guys.

Winner of the Kermit Inspiration Award


Sunday November 4th 2001

UPDATE: Added some more photo's to the Your Frog Collection area.
UPDATE: Meet Calvert the Northern Cricket Frog in the Pet Frog Gallery.
POLL RESULTS: The poll results for October. Your favorite Amphibian was of course the Frog with 199 votes, 83.61%. Next was the Salamander with only 19 votes, 7.98%.

What is your favorite Amphibian?
Frog. 199 83.61 %
Toad. 5 2.10 %
Salamander. 19 7.98 %
Newt. 15 6.30 %
TOTAL 238 100.00 %


Tuesday October 9th 2001

POLL RESULTS: Running a little into the new month due to the lack of time to update Froggyville. Those who voted had at least one frog, 47 votes, 34.81%.

How many pet frogs do you have?
One. 47 34.81 %
Two. 28 20.74 %
Between three and five. 19 14.07 %
Between Five and Ten. 11 8.15 %
More than ten. 30 22.22 %
TOTAL 135 100.00 %


Thursday September 6th 2001

UPDATE: See Hoppy a new addition to the Pet Frog Gallery.
UPDATE: Check out Fridoline an addition to Your frog collection.
POLL RESULTS: Last months poll was Who is your favorite in the meet Hercules area. What a surprise, Hercules won with 29 votes, 46.03%.

Who is your favorite in the "Meet Hercules" area?
Hercules 29 46.03 %
Samson 8 12.70 %
Dave 11 17.46 %
Koi 15 23.81 %
TOTAL 63 100.00 %

Sound "Hi ho and welcome back" Kermit the Frog, from muppets.com.


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