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An ideal habitat setup - Page 2

If you are going to use a waterfall we suggest at this time you place the waterfall in your aquarium and hookup all of the water lines. Some waterfalls come with a kind of Tupperware looking container that is used to hold the water that is constantly re-circulated. At this time if you feel handy what you can do is, take an extra 2 feet or so of clear vinyl tubing and hook one end into the part of the waterfall that returns the water to the Tupperware container or tank, punch small holes in the vinyl tubing about every 4 inches making sure that they are on the top when you lay the vinyl tubing down. Now route the vinyl tubing around your plants in a kind of circular shape, this will return the water from the waterfall across the whole area of your tank allowing for greater circulation and better filtering without using the Tupperware container. The large aquarium gavel will act as a kind of biological filter. The illustration on the left is shown without the plants so that you can see exactly where the vinyl tubing is.

Start to pour in the large gravel. On the side of your tank that will be water make it about 1 inch deep sloping up to your land area that will be about 4 inches deep covering your potted plants. The reason for using large gravel is that your frogs will not be able to eat it. If you have owned frogs before you will know how clumsy they are when eating, they will swallow any thing that is near or attached to there food .



What is an ultra sonic fogger? It is a small device that creates mist or fog. If you purchased an Ultra Sonic fogger place this on the side of your tank that will be water. Run the wire underneath the gravel and behind your waterfall, coming out of your tank the same place as the wire for your pump this will make things look a lot more natural and neater.

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