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It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that "Kermit" our last surviving Red Eyed Tree Frog passed away in the evening on March 6th 2006. We had noticed a dramatic decrease in his agility over the past month very much like Robin who passed away towards the end of 2004. Kermit was getting very old. We have enjoyed the happiness he has brought us and for that we are very grateful to him. Now he is with his friend Robin again.

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Video Archive

Watch Froggy TV's "Coming Soon" video. This is the video we showed before Froggy TV was officially on the air.

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Froggyville on ZDTV's Internet Tonight.
July 31st 2000


  Click here for video


Froggyville on ZDTV's Internet Tonight.
April 25th 2000


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Froggyville on Channel 7 in Australia. The Big Breakfast.
April 20th 2000


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