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Contents & Copyrights

This is just a brief disclaimer regarding the contents of this web site.

Some of the contents found here was obtained through various sources on the internet. We have tried very hard and spent a lot of time trying to give the proper credit to the respected author's whenever possible. If you feel that anything here is being used incorrectly please let us know or if you feel that you require proper credit for something we have used, again please let us know and we shall properly credit you below or in the appropriate area on Froggyville.

The contents of this web site is intended for entertainment only and we cannot be held responsible for its miss-use. Posted messages, articles, links etc are views & opinions of the corresponding author and may not reflect our own views and opinions.

All advertisements are sole property of that corresponding company and again may not reflect our own views and opinions.

This entire web site is copyrighted 1999-2002 Round Table DTP/Hyper Design, Darren Trutzenbach. All Rights Reserved unless otherwise noted and can not be used in any way shape or form without written consent.

All images are also copyright 1999-2002 Round Table DTP/Hyper Design, Darren Trutzenbach unless otherwise noted and can not be used in any way shape or form without written consent.

For more information on copyright issues go to 10 Big Myths about copyright explained




Frog Slots, Frog Shooting, Zigsaw & Jump were obtained from Frog Wonderland http://www.big.or.jp/~frog/
Webfrog is by Raul Silva www.onshore.com.
Frogger is (c) 1981 Konami. www.konami.com.
Lickety-Splat is by www.adveract.com.
Frog Reverse 1997
Maeda Mameo.

For other game credits please see the corresponding game in the games area.


Some images are from the Animation Factory .
These animations are available FREE for personal use only.
For any other use, including commercial purposes, they respectfully ask that you purchase one of their animated clipart CD-ROM's or access their premium member site. Purchase gives you royalty-free license to use any of their 100,000+ animations and images in your various projects. (other rules apply).

For  graphics that we have used please check out the
Graphics area for credits.

The ICQ panels and status bar are part of the ICQ User Site Creators Network and can be found at www.icq.com/sitecreator/.

Perl Scripts

The CGI resource index


Matt's Script Archive






They have been purchased, are being used under the terms and conditions of the author or on a trial basis until we see fit to commit to purchasing the rights to use them.


Banner ads and advertising

Why does Froggyville run banner ads?

The answer to this question is easy but lengthy, To help pay for our expenses and also to provide you with services and products that we think you might find useful. Although we operate Froggyville as a free service it does cost a lot of money to maintain and operate. To help with this we select advertising partners to display their random banner ads on our website. We are very careful when selecting banners to display. We only allow ads that we think are appropriate for the type of people that visit here and we actually use the companies ourselves for purchasing goods online, this helps us make sure that they are operating a good and reliable service. This applies to all of the advertisements found here on Froggyville. Actually some of the banners we run do not even make us any money, we display them because we think you may find them useful. You are not obligated to click on these advertisements and in no way shape or form will it effect your visit here if you don't. Some web sites complain about these annoying ads, but because of our own personal goal to provide you with "Quality" and "Entertaining" features this helps us do just that, Maybe the web sites that complain about this do not strive for our type of standards!  We make contributions to charities and non-profit organizations on a regular basis, one of our benefactors being The RainForest Alliance. Although our present income from this venture has not even covered our operating costs, hopefully in the future we can make these contributions larger. If you have any problems with one of the advertisers found here on Froggyville be sure to tell us about it.


What's The Deal With Froggyville

We are not entrepreneurs nor are we some large corporation. We are just two people with a passion for frog's. My love for frogs on the web started around the mid 90's. My Husband had created a small website for me called "Missy's Frog Page" that was hosted on AOL. It was a place where I could show my passion for frogs to my friends and family. I have been collecting frogs since 1979 and I already had a fairly large collection. I wanted to take lots of pictures and put them online. Unfortunately this page did not get updated very often because my Husband was busy with his work. I was just happy that I had a place on the Internet that I could call my own.

My Husband's Web Designing side of his business started to become pretty successful back in 1998 and he wanted a place where he could show people what he could do.  "Missy's Frog Page" went through a major redesign and a lot more features were added. In time AOL became limited and we started to outgrow it. My Husband setup his own Internet server and registered his domain www.rtdtp.com, he was also  capable of hosting other web sites. In the summer of 1999 we came up with the idea for "Froggyville". There were a fair number of large web sites that existed with the Frog theme but we wanted to take a different approach. A few of the ideas I had for Froggyville seemed to already exist, but that did not bother me because the way I wanted to present it all would be new and fresh. After all there is only so many things you can do, write or say about frogs.

I wanted to create a website that would keep people coming back, To provide a lot of entertainment, like games, contests and quizzes. Again due to my Husband  being busy with his work Froggyville was not officially put online until the end of 1999. After about a month online I was being asked so many questions about frogs and more requests for Frog facts and help with this and that. So I started doing a lot of research on the more common questions by buying books, visiting the local library and asking other Frog people online. We started to add new area's to Froggyville containing the information I had found. Also about this time our other site www.froggydance.com was created, just for a bit of added fun.

Due to the amazing popularity of Froggyville we are now obligated to keep it updated on a regular basis. After all we do not want people getting bored and we want a reason for you to keep coming back time and time again. My Husband is always adding new features and the email to me keeps on coming in. We think this is great. This venture has already exceeded our greatest expectation's and what we had originally planned to do.  Thank you.





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